Terms and Conditions

Your registration is subject to these Terms & Conditions. By registering, you agree to and accept these Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms & Conditions, you should not register for, participate in, and/or use/consume any materials related to this event.

Alcohol Consumption

No one under 21 years of age will be permitted in the exhibit areas or sessions where alcohol is being provided unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Identification by a photo i.d. may be required at any time during the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium (UW&GS) as deemed necessary.

Copyrights & Trademarks

Reproduction of any part of the UW&GS in any form, including the UW&GS logo and other graphics, electronic publication or presentation, without advance written consent from the UW&GS or presenting speaker (when applicable) is strictly prohibited. All presentations of any form are exclusive and released only to the UW&GS and its audio recording contractor. Any participant presenting any material for which copyright and/or trademark laws apply is solely responsible for adhering to such laws.

Endorsement & Opinions

The UW&GS provides a forum for the presentation, discussion and publication of research and technological developments for the promotion of education in winemaking, grapegrowing, marketing and finance. The UW&GS does not endorse the products, services, views or opinions of either its members, exhibitors, speakers or other delegates. No endorsement by UW&GS of any kind should be inferred.

The UW&GS is not responsible for statements, advice or opinions printed in its publications, given by program speakers and/or contained in program materials. Any such statements, advice or opinions solely represent the views of the authors, program speakers or the persons to whom they are credited, are not statements, advice or opinions of the UW&GS and are not in any way binding on the UW&GS.

Errors & Omissions

The UW&GS is not responsible for incorrect listings or typographical errors that may occur in any of the UW&GS publications, materials and/or its website.

Intellectual Property Rights

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, LLC retains exclusive intellectual property rights including to all printed material, art, content or other images, the sponsorship program, program presentations, and the trade show. Any editorial use or commerce conducted other than as agreed to with the UW&GS LLC representatives in writing is a direct abuse and violation of intellectual property rights held by the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, LLC. These restrictions also pertain to any sales or promotional use of any audio, visual, or other technological reproduction or capturing of any aspect of the UW&GS unless written authorization from the UW&GS is obtained in advance.

No Liability for Acts of God, Natural Disasters & Other Causes

UW&GS shall not be liable for loss or damage that results from Acts of God, natural disasters, weather conditions, strikes, lockouts, labor disputes, embargoes, disruption of utility services, public authority, governmental restrictions, governmental regulations, governmental controls, judicial orders, public enemy, acts of terrorism or war, hostile governmental action, civil commotion, fire or other casualty. If any of these events occur, UW&GS reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, reschedule, or cancel the UW&GS trade show and/or any associated events. If any of these events occur, performance by UW&GS shall be excused without liability or obligation to anyone.

Presentations and Speakers

The UW&GS has developed a program which includes invited speakers. The UW&GS has received confirmation from all speakers at the time of publication but is not responsible for any changes or cancellations that may occur. No refunds will be made in this regard.

Registrant Database

The UW&GS creates a database of all registrants, including Exhibitor representatives. This data is included in our Directory of Registrants which is provided to contracted Exhibitors and available for sale upon request. By registering for the UW&GS, attendees authorize the use of their information in this database and the Directory of Registrants. You may contact us to be removed from the Directory.


Recording (audio, visual, or other technological reproduction) or capturing any aspects of the UW&GS is prohibited unless authorized by UW&GS in advance.

Governing Law & Forum Selection

This Agreement shall be governed, construed, and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of California (without respect to principles of conflict of laws), and the Parties submit to jurisdiction and venue in the State of California, County of Sacramento, in any legal proceeding necessary to interpret or enforce this Agreement or any part of it.


If a court of competent jurisdiction holds any provision of these Terms and Conditions to be illegal, unenforceable, or invalid in whole or in part for any reason, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions, or portions of them, will not be affected.

Use of Likeness

By registering for the event you agree to grant UW&GS, its agents, and subcontractors your unrestricted permission to record, film, photograph, or capture your likeness at the event in any media now available or hereafter developed and to distribute, license, broadcast, transmit, transfer, publish, use, or otherwise globally to disseminate, in perpetuity, such media for any and all purposes, without any further approval from you or any payment to you. This grant to UW&GS includes, but is not limited to, the right to edit such media, the right to use the media alone or together with other information, and the right to allow others to use or disseminate the media. In exchange for your registration, you hereby release UW&GS, its agents, and subcontractors from any and all claims that arise out of or are in any way connected with such use, including without limitation, any claim for defamation, slander, misappropriation or misuse of image, violation of moral or artist rights, violation of publicity rights, or invasion of privacy.

Facsimile & Electronic Signatures

Facsimile and other forms of electronic signatures shall be effective to bind the parties delivering and accepting such signature. Checking the box on the registration page next to statement “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” is your electronic signature agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

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