Unified Symposium at Cal Expo in 2021 FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the 2021 Unified Symposium being held for a second year at Cal Expo?

We have been made aware that there is the potential for the convention center opening date to change, but the City of Sacramento will not be able to confirm this until the spring of 2020. Out of an abundance of caution and rather than asking our guests and exhibitors to risk any level of uncertainty, the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium LLC Managing Committee has elected to continue our show at Cal Expo for a second year. We have reserved Cal Expo, January 12-14, 2021.

Where will the event be held in 2021?

The organizers have once again secured Sacramento’s Cal Expo (site of the State Fair) as the host site for the 2021 (January 12-14). Cal Expo is approximately five miles from the Convention Center. We look forward to returning to a brand new, fully remodeled and expanded Sacramento Convention Center in 2022.

We were told that the move to Cal Expo was just for one year. What happened?

In initial discussions with the Sacramento Convention Center last year, we were assured that the convention center would be completed in time for us to return and host our 2021 show there. However, in subsequent conversations, we have been made aware that due to construction impacts early in the schedule, there is potential for the convention center opening date to change. The City of Sacramento will not be able to confirm this until spring of 2020. So out of an abundance of caution and rather than creating added concerns and uncertainties for our guests and exhibitors, we elected to again host the 2021 show at Cal Expo.

What if the Convention Center still isn’t ready in 2022?

Despite the potential opening date change, the Sacramento Convention Center plans to host other shows as early as the first quarter of 2021. This means that the newly renovated Center will have hosted dozens of other shows prior to our 2022 event, ensuring that all the glitches of a newly renovated site will have been worked out prior to our return in January of 2022.

Why is the show being scheduled so early in 2021?

As with any venue, dates and times are booked years in advance. When we decided to renew with Cal Expo, we were able to secure the dates of January 12-14, which allows us to present the Unified during the early part of the year when guests have told us they rely on our show to collect important information to plan for the new year and make annual purchasing decisions. While this is a couple of weeks earlier, we believe the quality of information presented, the value of networking and the chance to visit with exhibitors will be just as valuable as a later January show.

What should we expect from the 2021 Cal Expo show?

Cal Expo is the site of the California State Fair. As fairgrounds, it has ample halls and space to accommodate the Unified’s needs for program, social networking and exhibits. The buildings are basic, multipurpose rooms that are heated/cooled and will be carpeted and draped for the event.

Having the experience of hosting the show this year at Cal Expo, gives us the opportunity to respond to guest and exhibitor input and ensure that the 2021 show maximizes the potential for this space and meets everyone’s needs and expectations.

Will there be enough hotels to accommodate a group of the Unified’s size?

Yes, we plan to contract with our current hotel vendors and the surrounding hotels near Cal Expo. Cal Expo is approximately 5 miles from Sacramento’s downtown and the Convention Center.

For people staying at downtown hotels, will there be a hotel bridge or shuttle service to the new location?

Yes, just as we are providing free shuttles and Uber vouchers this year, we will continue our commitment to helping guests move between downtown hotels and Cal Expo effortlessly.

Are there restaurants/food places in the area to accommodate lunch and dinner crowds?

This year, we introduced the Food Truck courtyard to offer guests a wide variety of different options right on site. If these prove to be well received, we plan to continue this food option in 2021.

How will the exhibitors be affected by this temporary move?

Wait list/Priority: Adding exhibitors from our waiting list will be determined once the show moves back to the Sacramento Convention Center. Priority points for current exhibitors will not be affected.

Costs: Other than the standard cost of living, we do not anticipate any cost increases. We will be working with the same union and vendors.

Space: The exhibit space will essentially be the same as it was for 2020.

Hotels: Unified will continue to contract with downtown Sacramento hotels plus the surrounding hotels near Cal Expo. A free shuttle service and Uber vouchers will be provided from contracted hotels to Cal Expo.


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