Amy Gardner
Wine Talent, California

Amy Gardner founded WineTalent in 2004 to provide confidential and individualized search services to the wine industry. With an educational foundation in plant science at UC Davis, she first worked in research and production laboratories. She quickly realized her true interest in recruiting, and for the last 25 years has been matching companies and employees for long-term placements. The relationships she has developed within the wine business allows her to be able to find the right people for the job.

Throughout her career Amy has stayed up-to-date with employment trends and legal issues. This knowledge is invaluable to the companies and people she works with. Being knowledgeable in fair employment practices allows Amy to address issues and provide solutions to clients and job seekers.

Providing employment information to job seekers has been a significant portion of her work. She frequently discusses employment issues on her blog and is a frequent contributor to industry panels and association meetings.

Confidentiality in all of her business dealings allows companies to hire the best candidates and for job seekers to have the ability to explore new employment opportunities and improving their career opportunities. WineTalent: The Right People for the Job

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