Cathy Huyghe
Enolytics, Georgia

Cathy Huyghe is the co-founder and CEO of Enolytics LLC, which provides data-driven business intelligence to beverage alcohol companies around the world.

She is a journalist for Forbes (on wine) and Inc (on entrepreneurship), and author of the award-winning book, Hungry for Wine: Seeing the World through the Lens of a Wine Glass. In 2019, Enolytics was a finalist for the Born Digital Wine Awards in the Innovation category, and Huyghe was shortlisted as Columnist of the Year by the Louis Roederer International Wine Awards.

Huyghe was a featured commentator in the “Reign of Terroir” episode of the Netflix series, Rotten. She contributes bi-weekly to A Balanced Glass, a community founded by Rebecca Hopkins for people in the wine industry who actively seek health and wellness.

Huyghe is also the founder of Harvard Alumni in Wine and Food, and she has been invited to speak at conferences and universities around the world, from Bologna, Italy and Cascais, Portugal to Cape Town, South Africa and Sofia, Bulgaria.

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