Mikey Etzel
Beaux Frères, Oregon

Mikey Etzel was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, just three months before his mother and father discovered a foreclosed pig farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley on a road trip during the summer of 1986. After a whimsical decision to purchase the property, the family moved out the following year and began planting what would become known as the Beaux Frères Vineyard shortly thereafter.

Mikey grew up among the vines and eventually left to study the craft at Oregon State University’s newly established enological program, graduating in 2008. After stints in Spain and several premiere opportunities in the Willamette Valley, Mikey and his father agreed the time had come for them to make an earnest attempt at working together in 2015.

Mikey joined the Beaux Frères team first as Vineyard Manager and Winemaker for his father’s new boutique production and private estate vineyard project called Sequitur. Soon, father and son discovered a unique yet dynamic working relationship with Mikey being named head Winemaker and Viticulturalist in the 2016 vintage. His primary focus now is to carry forward the family tradition of making terroir-driven wines that compete at the highest echelons of the world wine stage.

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