Balancing Artistry and Automation in Challenging Times: The Role of Automation in Winemaking When the Cellar is Closed
Winemaking Breakout Session

This session will focus on the role of automation in the winery, starting from the perspective that it may not be possible to have a full cellar crew in the winery or to be able to access the winery at all, whether because of a pandemic or a natural disaster such as wildfire.  

The speakers will discuss the tools available to supplement or replace human involvement in the winemaking process during these challenging situations. Beyond these urgent requirements, the speakers will address the processes in winemaking that lend themselves to automation without risk of reduction in wine quality and the parts of the process which might require human intervention. Finally, there will be a discussion of the skill sets that would be required to be successful in a more fully automated wine industry.

Jim Harbertson, Washington State University, Tri-Cities

To be confirmed

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