Beyond the Tasting Room: Marketing Your Wines Today
Marketing/Public Relations Breakout Session

In today’s extremely competitive wine market, it is increasingly necessary to think out of the box and out of the tasting room to how consumers learn about your wines and interact with you and the story that you or your ambassadors are sharing. 

This session will explore thoughts and perspectives and provide tools for small wineries to implement tomorrow and large wineries to take home and think through in planning for the future. From online presence to telling your story to creating ambassadors in the media, there are tons of opportunities that weren’t present five years ago. Being a player in the industry through participating at events and thinking about key markets you could potentially tap into and how to get there all help in getting your wines into the hands of wine lovers! Thoughts, tips, tricks, and examples of what has worked and what to look out for will be shared!

Jim Gordon, Wines and Vines, California

Christian Ahlmann, Six Sigma Ranch and Winery, California
Jared Brandt, Donkey and Goat, California
Mike Drash, Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery, Minnesota
Jeff Kralik, The Drunken Cyclist, Texas
Melissa Stroud, Michael David Winery, California

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