Corks, Kegs and Koozies: Braving Blended Beverages (includes tasting)
Marketing/Public Relations Breakout Session

Will a new hybrid of canned rosés and stout-infused Cabernets cannibalize the traditional wine market or usher in a new generation of consumers to the wine category? Coffee, wine, beer and spirits are all finding ways onto the consumer palate — sometimes in the same swallow. As a marketer, how do you decide when/if blending your wine with a product from another category is right for your brand? What insights drive those decisions? Is it consumer preference or market pressure to preserve share that’s ceding to other beverages and buzzables? Hear from producers who’ve braved the gray areas between categories.

Ziggy Eschliman, The Wine Gal, California

Chip Forsythe, Rebel Coast Winery, California
Ami Opisso, Bridge Lane Wine, New York
Jean-Claude Tetreault, Trillium Brewing, Massachusetts

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