Finding Value in Sustainability
Business/Operations Breakout Session

A variety of educational and certification programs have hastened the adoption of sustainable winegrowing practices by growers and wineries throughout the United States and the world. On a parallel track, the emergence of increasingly ambitious corporate sustainability goals, and rising consumer interest in how food and beverages are grown and produced, has led to increased numbers of retailers basing part of their wine purchase decisions on wineries’ disclosure of their environmental and social practices.

This session will explore the trend of increased marketplace expectations for transparency in the winegrowing supply chain, and how growers and wineries are using sustainability practices and certification to distinguish themselves in a rapidly changing and competitive marketplace.

Allison Jordan, California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, California

Corey Beck, Francis Ford Coppola Presents, California
Christian Miller, Full Glass Research, California
Brian Shepard, Walsh Vineyards Management, California
Debbie Zachareas, Ferry Wine Merchant, California

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