A Focus on the Future: Trends and Opportunities from Across the Globe
General Session

Welcome & Introductions

Leticia Chacón-Rodríguez and Alise Jacobson, Co-chairs, UW&GS Program Development Committee

We’ve all seen the reports and editorials about the wine industry being in peril. Whether it’s aging baby boomers, younger generations who prefer hard seltzer, liquor and beer, climate change, tariffs, you name it, it seems like there’s alarming news at every turn. While it doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom, the time is now to take a hard look at what’s in store for our industry, so we can change the narrative and outcomes in 2023 and beyond.

For this session, we have assembled a dream team of industry experts to tackle the future of wine. This presentation will illustrate the opportunities that lie ahead, but also the collaboration that will be required to capitalize on the potential. 

A focus will be put on:  

  • HOW we adapt to not only reach new consumers, but better engage our existing consumers. The landscape is ever changing, and the old way, may not be the best way anymore.
  • WHAT marketing strategies and new products can we develop that work for operations of ALL sizes, big and small. 

Key topics that our star-studded panel will unpack and provide real, actionable takeaways include sustainability and the movement towards eco-friendly wines, new and emerging taste trends, innovative packaging and bottling, and smart go-to-market sales and marketing strategies segmented for current and new consumers.

Attendees will walk away not only armed with new tactics to put to work in their businesses, but also a brighter, more optimistic outlook for the future of wine.

Lulie Halstead, The IWSR Group, England
Dale Stratton, Wine Market Council, California

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