The Fundamentals of H2A: Navigating Our Existing Agricultural Guest Worker Program
Grapegrowing Breakout Session

Winegrape growers continue to be challenged in finding reliable labor.  While immigration reform continue to capture national political attention, the realities remain of trying to secure consistent and quality workers.  The H2A agricultural guest worker program is our current available option and like many things from the government, is filled with multiple hoops to navigate.  In this session, we will provide a review of the key elements of the program and more importantly, provide feedback on the common pitfalls experienced with the H2A program.

Amy Wolfe, AgSafe, California

Carlos Castaneda, Castaneda & Sons, California
Steve Dutton, Dutton Ranch, California
Rubin Lugo, USDOG Wage and Hour, California
Jeanne Malitz, Malitz Law, California

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