The Global Market for Wine
Business & Operations Breakout Session

New World vs. Old World: How does the United States wine industry compete in the global market? The panel will discuss the current global economy and how it relates to wine and demand for United States wine; what is being imported and exported, and from what country? Who’s winning and who’s falling back?

And what consumer trends are driving the imports and exports? Looking ahead to 2018 and beyond, how is the global supply of wine being impacted by these trends? Are there ripples in the value chain such that vineyards are being planted, sustained, or pulled from production?

Jon Moramarco, BW 166 LLC, California

Linsey Gallagher, Wine Institute, California
Stephen Rannekleiv, Rabobank, New York
Hugh Reimers, Jackson Family Wines, California
Damien Wilson, Sonoma State University, California

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