To Grow or Not to Grow: While the Common Wisdom Is That Growth is Good, is it Really? And if it is Good for You, How to do It?
Business & Operations Breakout Session

You own a vineyard or a winery and are doing just fine. But someone in the family argues for growth. Should you grow your vineyard operations or winery and its brands? That is the first question to answer. If so, how to do it? The session provides a blueprint for evaluating whether growth is appropriate for your entity and if so, a plan to assess the options and move forward. Panelists will speak to the process for making good decisions and setting yourself up for a successful transition and will share their experiences of their growth strategies, the challenges, and the rewards.

Bill Pauli, Pauli Ranch/Yokayo Wine Company, California

Perry DeLuca, Bank of the West, California
Kendall Hoxsey-Onysko, Onysko, Napa Wine Company/Yount Mill Vineyards, California
Marshall Miller, Thornhill Companies, California

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