How to Craft and Share Your Story, Stand Out, and Measure Everything Along the Way
Marketing/Public Relations Breakout Session

Winning attention in the marketplace, online and offline, gets more crowded by the day. So how can you craft your brand’s story in a way that really stands out? And how can you be sure your story connects with today’s more complex consumer? What are the foundational tools to share your story via social media? How can you easily manage your social media-marketing program with tools that provide valuable information and make management a breeze? And most importantly, how do you measure the effectiveness and monitor ROI?

This session is a can’t miss look at how to craft your story, understand all the social media tools you will need to share your message, and measure everything along the way. Our panel will provide actionable information you can use to drive your business today.

Julie Storer, Deloitte Digital Communications, Washington

Shana Bull, Shana Bull Digital, California
Shannon Coulter, DoubleKnown Communications, California
Aaryn Enos, SVP Food & Beverage, Illinois
Edita Rodriguez, Clever Girls Collective, California 

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