Innovation & Adaptation
Marketing/Public Relations Breakout Session

Untap the power of your story! A conversation with Madeline Puckette of Wine Folly. Learn the tactics and techniques behind successful communication strategies used in today’s marketplace.

For example:

  • How does a business connect with customers in an authentic way?
  • What do today’s wine consumer really care about?
  • How does one craft stories with everyday marketing communications?
  • How can you do it all on a limited budget?  
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David Gluzman
Folly Enterprises, Canada

David Gluzman is the CEO of Folly Enterprises and co-founder of BlackSquare, Inc. Gluzman has been a wine enthusiast since his earlier career as a competitive cyclist brought him to the wine regions of Italy. In an effort to encourage education and discourage snobbery, he founded a wine club that started as a local project in Calgary. In a matter of years it would become the largest wine club in Canada.


Madeline Puckette
Wine Folly, Washington

Madeline Puckette is the chief design officer at Folly Enterprises and co-creator of With a background in design at California Institute of the Arts, she founded Wine Folly, an award-winning blog dedicated to consumer wine education using data visualization, internet communication strategy, and design.

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