The Intricacies of Bottling
Winemaking Technical Exhibits Tours

During this tour we will travel from bottling lines, which include various stations for each step of this fascinating process: filler, labeler, capper,  forklifts, among others; throughout the different dry goods suppliers, for example: labels, glass, cork, carton. Bottling requires attention to detail in each of the steps and a adequate quality control which will be discussed with each of the equipment and materials suppliers.

Tour Leader:
Chik Brenneman, University of California, Davis

Space is limited to 25 attendees per tour. Registration for tours will be onsite only, located in the designated room from where tours will start, 30 minutes before each tour begins. Enrollment onsite is on a first-come, first-served basis. However, only two representatives per company may enroll in the same tour. Selecting a tour during the registration process does not guarantee enrollment. You must be one of the first 25 attendees to show up in the designated room on-site for each tour.

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