The Power of Market Disruption: A Deep Dive into Wine Consumption Trends
Marketing/Public Relations Breakout Session

As global imports have begun to challenge established flavor profiles, grape varieties, and delivery systems (tap, tetra, single serve), American winegrowers/winemakers, restaurants, and retailers alike have begun to respond with an interesting array of tactics—both reactive and proactive.

Join a panel of experts as they discuss the changing landscape of consumption—from wine on tap to the continuing diversification of wine styles and varieties, to the revitalization of heritage vineyards to bring new wines to the market—that is driving alternative consumption beyond the “Tipping Point.”

Gilian Handelman, Jackson Family Wines, California

Alice Feiring, The Feiring Line, New York
Joshua Greene, Wine & Spirits Magazine, New York
Tegan Passalacqua, Turley Wine Cellars, California

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