The Powerhouse Appeal of Chardonnay: An Epic Tale of Continuous Evolution (includes tasting)
Marketing/Public Relations Breakout Session

The popularity of wine grapes come and go, but the queen of white grapes – Chardonnay – continues to command more market share than any other variety, comprising a quarter of all wines sold in the United States. So what’s driving this vinous dominance? The answer is clear: in each sector of the global wine marketplace, Chardonnay is being produced in a range of styles and price points with a level of quality that has never been better – or more interesting.

From the winegrowing side, we’ll examine replanting and plant material trends as well as alternative approaches that have met with critical success, such as natural and neutral vessel bottlings. From a marketplace perspective, we’ll look at the new Chardonnay mix in retail and restaurants as well as journalistic insights into what’s driving the latest renaissance. Chardonnay may wear many disguises, but by the time this session ends, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of why this revered and oft controversial wine grape continues to drive both creative expression and profitability in the world of fine wine.

Ray Isle, Food & Wine Magazine, New York

Greg Brewer, Brewer – Clifton Winery, California
Gary Fisch, Gary’s Wine and Marketplace, New Jersey
Jason Lett, The Eyrie Vineyards, Oregon
Shaunt Oungoulian, Les Lunes Wine, California
Virginia Philip, Virginia Philip Wine Spirits & Academy, Florida

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