Precision Management in Vineyards
Grapegrowing Breakout Session

Regardless of the market situation we face, successful growers continually challenge conventional thinking, test new ideas and invest in innovation. Considering our ever-changing market, innovative growers are adopting precision agriculture to deal with the reduced availability of labor and increasing costs of inputs on top of drops in grape prices.

Each of our panelists will share their stories of three technology moves that could be game changers. If you are contemplating an investment in a significant technological innovation for your vineyard operations, then you will want to hear from these professionals that are using technology to guide their organizations’ decision-making.

This Session is designed to address how innovative growers are adjusting to the reality of producing high quality fruit while reducing inputs through technology. Growers across regions, land, and price points will provide information on innovative growing techniques.

Matt Frank, Trinchero Family Estates, California  

Bob Thomas, Mesa Vineyard Management, California
Nick Dokoozlian, E. & J. Gallo Winery, California
Lav R. Khot, Washington State University, Prosser

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