The Proprietary Wine: Rethinking the Constructs of Blended Wine (includes tasting)
Joint Grapegrowing and Winemaking Breakout Session

More and more, the wine shouldering its way onto the retail shelf and into the consumer’s glass is missing a varietal label—and all the baggage that comes with it. This wine neither offers nor promises the consumer any particular variety, asking the consumer to choose without the implied guarantee the varietal label has offered since the 1970s. Yet, once again consumers are voting with their wallets and are open to trying new wines that are blended for flavor and balance. Why are these wines becoming so popular and how are vineyard owners and winemakers responding to this phenomenon? Are blended wines merely a fad or are they creating a new and lasting category of wines that promises to bring new consumers to the table? This interactive session of wine tasting and presentations from leading winemakers and vineyard managers helps us learn about this growing category of wines.

Brad Alderson, Wine and Winery Advice, California

Sal Arriola, Bronco Wine Company, California
Jason Haas, Tablas Creek Winery, California
Steve McIntyre, Monterey Pacific Vineyards, California
Sean McKenzie, Clos du Bois Winery and Dreaming Trees Wines, California
David Phinney, Orin Swift Cellars, California

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