Technology and Innovation
Business/Operations Breakout Session

You cannot deny the importance of innovation. Google searches for the term innovation have grown almost 500% in the last five years, and according to The Wall Street Journal, more than 33,000 SEC filings mentioned innovation in just last year—64% more than five years ago. This obsession with innovation matters because it’s changing how businesses and people operate.

Growth today requires thinking outside of the box—being bold enough to question how things are done, and being courageous enough to do them and do them better. In this session, you’ll hear from a panel of vibrant leaders within the industry, sharing their seemingly insurmountable challenges, the stumbling blocks they hit, the bruises they endured and the victories they achieved. This session will get you thinking about your systems, your personnel and your philosophy—all with the goal of motivating you to move beyond the mentality of keeping up and to inspire you to move your business ahead.

Kevin Zollinger, Wente Family Estates, California

Bruce Berls, Bruceb Consulting, California
Patrick DeLong, Crimson Wine Group, California
John Denzel, FlowVision, California
Tony Stephen, Scheid Vineyards, California

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