Use of Consumer Based Sensory Methodologies in the Wine Industry
Winemaking Breakout Session

This session aims to explain the basis of different consumer sensory methodologies and how these methods can be used to match wine sensory attributes of both existing wines and product development categories to different consumer segments. New consumer segments including millennials and the newly named generation Z (zoom) will be discussed due to their importance as emerging consumers.


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Federico Casassa
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Dr. Federico Casassa received a BS in Viticulture and a MS in Enology from the School of Agronomic Sciences in Mendoza (Argentina), and a Ph.D. in Wine Chemistry and Sensory Analysis from Washington State University (USA). Federico Casassa is an Associate Professor of Enology with the Wine and Viticulture Department of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California. He also teaches Wine Sensory Analysis in the Wine Program of Hancock College in Santa Maria. His past published research includes studies on the effect of Regulated Deficit Irrigation (RDI) and intrinsic variations of berry size in grapes and wines, cluster thinning, as well as on the various aspects of phenolic extraction and sensory outcomes of different maceration techniques in red wines, including extended maceration, whole cluster and stem additions, cofermentation and prefermentative cold soak.

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Katerina Axelsson
Tastry, California

Katerina graduated high school in San Diego and graduated university in San Luis Obispo where she studied chemistry, biology, and data science. She paid her way through college working as a chemist in the local wine industry, where she witnessed the same wine, bottled under two different labels, receive drastically different industry scores from the same critics. Katerina hypothesized that sufficient understanding of the chemistry of the product, and the biological and cultural predispositions of consumers, could assist the entire industry from winemaker to distributor to retailer to better serve consumers, reduce waste and increase profitability.


Cristina de la Presa Owens
Constellation Brands, California

Cristina, a native of Barcelona, Spain, brings over twenty-five years of experience in the field of Sensory & Consumer Research in the wine industry. She currently is the Sensory Manager at Constellations Brands. Prior to joining Constellation Brands in March 2021, Cristina spent close to 9 years working at E. & J. Gallo as a Product & Winestyle Senior Manager and 13 years at Treasury Wine Estates as a Consumer Insights Senior Manager, Sensory. Areas of expertise encompass sensory evaluation, consumer research & product optimization.


Julien Delarue
University of California, Davis

Dr. Delarue is Associate Professor at the University of California Davis in the department of Food Science and Technology. His research focuses on methods to measure sensory perception and preferences and on their effective use in food design. He explores the role of context in hedonic measures using immersive environments and digital technologies. He also works to develop and validate rapid and flexible descriptive analysis methods with application to new product development and consumer research.

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