Virus in Vineyards and a Protocol for Best Management Practices: Managing Leaf Roll and Red Blotch Associated Diseases
Grapegrowing Breakout Session

Leaf Roll, Red Blotch associated viruses, and efficient virus vectors are the wildcards for wine grape growers in their pursuit of quality and sustainability. What methods and standard operating procedures have vineyard management companies adopted to ensure clean plant materials? How do viticulturists manage virus in vineyard and what protocols have they adopted to ensure early detection and successful management? What are the data points needed for quality and economic threshold analysis of an infected vineyard and how do you collect them? Experienced vineyard managers will discuss their approach with viruses and their best management practices in an effort to develop an industry-wide protocol and grower-community based cooperation.

Hans Walter-Peterson, Cornell University, New York

Rick Hamman, Hogue Ranches Management LLC, Washington
Eric Pooler, Silverado Investment Management Company, California
Mahar Al Rwahnin, University of California, Davis
James Stamp, Stamp Associates Viticulture, Inc., California

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