Alerts & Notifications

UW&GS Representation or Misrepresentation – Please Exercise Caution!

The Unified Wine & Grape Symposium (UW&GS) encourages you to exercise caution for any solicitations for discounted hotel rates or directory listings which often include advertising solicitations. There are many show directories that target attendees, sponsors and exhibitors from other shows including ours. These solicitations are often mailed and appear to be from the Unified Symposium, CAWG or ASEV and they are not. Please be sure not to sign any form unless you carefully read the print on the form and are certain you understand what you are signing for.

The Unified Wine & Grape Symposium never mails a form to update your contact information with solicitation to advertise, etc. and our envelopes always include the UW&GS return mailing address in Davis, California. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt about our representation in material you have received.