After Hours

Sacramento Nightlife

The Unified Symposium is the ideal place to come and get all the information you’ll need to make the important decisions that lie ahead. But while you are in Sacramento, why not have a little fun?

The State Capitol is full of great places to eat, drink and explore. Some of the city’s best dining, entertainment, sites and museums are all downtown and near major hotels. While we won’t tell you where to go, we can offer some tools to help you find just the sort of place you are looking for.

Also – don’t be afraid to explore. A short taxi ride can take you and your friends outside the Capitol corridor, where the crowds are smaller, but the food and entertainment options are just as exciting.

Once you find a spot, don’t forget to make a reservation. The week of the Unified Symposium is one of the busiest of the year in Sacramento. Long waits at restaurants and bars are the norm. A little planning and a reservation can help you get the fun started that much sooner.