Wine Tasting Protocol

Wine Tasting Protocol Required for Sessions with Tastings


Sessions to include wine tastings are determined by the members of the UW&GS. Our session tastings are intended to expose the audience and let them draw their own conclusions. The speaker should explain the intention of the tasting to the organizers in advance to ensure that a common understanding of the intent of the overall session is shared.

We discourage interpretive comments on the wine expressed by a speaker so we are able to provide an educational opportunity for the audience. The speaker or other tasting instructor should briefly explain the tasting and provide some instruction to the audience so they know what to expect.


The UW&GS must approve any wine identified to be poured at a UW&GS session in advance of any transaction or shipment. By law, (1) all wine must be sold to and shipped directly to the Liquor License holder with vendor documents completed as required. The UW&GS will authorize the designated caterer to purchase this specific tasting wine from a licensed retailer or winegrower at no more than $1.00/bottle or $12/12-bottle case FOB, and (2) each bottle of wine poured at the UW&GS must have TTB approved labels.

The wines to be poured will be confirmed no later than January 6, 2023.

Wine Shipment

Any related shipping costs must be reviewed with and agreed by the UW&GS in advance of arranging for shipment. UW&GS will not reimburse for premium shipping costs for a short-term, expedient form of delivery that is a result of a limited time allowed by the speaker or other resource providing the wine. UW&GS will not be responsible for damaged or lost shipments.

Wine shipping instructions will be provided once wine selected for session or symposium tasting has been confirmed.

Wine Quantity

One case of 12 (750 mL) bottles minimum of each wine planned for a tasting of up to 275 people. This is roughly 30 mL per 1 oz. pour spout dispensed with allowance for cork taint, breakage, etc.

As a condition of speaking, any session speaker that wishes to include wine for a session tasting must; (a) confirm the source and quantity of donated wine, (b) advise the source (winery) supplying the wine of the minimum quantity required, (c) comply with all TTB, California ABC, and shipment requirements for in state or out-of-state shipments of wine into California. Wine that needs to be shipped from outside the U.S. must be done so by a licensed importer and all US Customs requirements.

It is imperative that the total number of wines to be poured is known by January 6, 2023 to be sure all necessary arrangements can be made. Our goal is that wines related to the session topic be poured and can demonstrate differences to most of the audience. Four (4) to six (6) wines maximum are reasonable based on a two-hour session to allow enough time to be evaluated in addition to the speakers’ presentations and Q&A (estimate approximately 10 minutes per wine for tasting.) The total number of wines planned for the tasting will impact how much of the 2-hour session can be allocated to actual speaker presentation time.

UW&GS Responsibilities


(for every 3-4 tasters)


The pouring protocol specifics to be implemented on-site will be determined by UW&GS. Wine will be pre-poured using 1 oz. pour spouts with paper caps placed on top of each glass.


Only the UW&GS event coordinators will direct personnel conducting tasting. Use of facility staff is required as we are operating under their Liquor License.

The staff will meet with our event coordinator in advance of the session for orientation. The tasting organizer or speaker can provide advance direction to a UW&GS Planning Committee member prior to the conference week as consistent with the official UW&GS tasting protocol.

Speaker Acceptance

My acceptance on the Benefits and Conditions document includes my acceptance of this UW&GS Wine Tasting Protocol. It is also understood that if I am not speaking in a session with a tasting or providing wine for such a tasting these wine tasting terms and conditions do not apply.