A New Lexicon for Wine

January 24, 2023
9:30 am - 11:00 am

A New Lexicon for Wine

The best way to get to know a wine is to taste it. Another way is to talk about it. The wine industry relies on the ability of wine communicators to persuade consumers to taste, but today’s wine lexicon
falls far short of its objectives.

For starters the vocabulary is heavily Eurocentric, reliant on metaphor and analogy unfamiliar to swaths of global wine lovers and curious newcomers. It also tends toward absolute pronouncements: “this wine is this” versus “this wine feels like this.” Formal wine education reinforces these protocols, perpetuating them for new generations of wine pros. The ever-popular numeric score says precisely zero about a wine’s aesthetic impact—even though that’s sometimes all you see. The net effect is both intimidating and gatekeeping to new wine drinkers, alienating them at a time when the industry tries to address its shrinking footprint.

In this panel, we’ll explore strategies to transform wine discourse to make wine feel more inclusive, diverse, and accessible.

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Meg Maker

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Wine Unify, Massachusetts

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