Merlot Renaissance: Celebrating Two Decades Beyond Sideways (includes tasting)
Winemaking Breakout Session

In 2004, a small independent film received unprecedented attention due to the inclusion of a now-legendary expletive comment about Merlot. The result on Merlot’s popularity was immediate and intense, but with Sideways now twenty years into the rearview mirror, what position does Merlot hold now?

This session’s panelists contend that Merlot is poised for a rebirth. Interest in the variety is growing, grapes are increasingly difficult to source, and through all its ups and downs, Merlot has never ceased to be a component of some of the world’s best wines.   

Jonathan Cristaldi, Cristaldi & Co., California

Renée Ary, Duckhorn Wine Company, California
William Camarda, Andrew Will Winery, Washington
Kimberlee Nicholls, Markham Vineyards, California
Omri Ram, Château Lafleur, France

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