Why isn’t the Unified Symposium held in another city where more hotel rooms are close to the event?

  • August 16 2023

This has been considered for years and continues to be. It seems so simple to just find another venue that better serves our and your needs but it is not. The organizers are committed to continue to hold the event in California.

The only alternative venue that can at least accommodate our current session room and exhibit floor space needs is in San Francisco. We have evaluated many options with very limited outcome. The convenience of close proximity between the hotel rooms we need and a convention center is not significantly better in other cities. Where we can add more nearby rooms, the additional hotels we could consider have significantly higher rate ranges and “nearby” is not as close as our two headquarters hotels in Sacramento.

Additional concerns for our exhibitors and attendees with an alternative venue include significantly increased fees and costs in regard to: (a) union labor, (b) parking, (c) meals and (d) hotel rates. We are not assured that our repeated successful attendance would prevail with such a change in economic impact for you.