Unified Attendees and Exhibitors Being Targeted In Exhibitor Fair Guide Advertising

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium (UW&GS), American Society for Enology and Viticulture (ASEV), and California Association of Winegrowers (CAWG) shows are NOT affiliated in any way with Expo Guide or its Web site, www.expo-guide.com, a company that has contacted our customers in the past.

Unified Symposium attendees and exhibitors are being targeted with an advertising solicitation by an international entity that references the Unified Symposium. The mailed solicitation includes a form confirming your company data and with a signature line near the bottom of the form. THIS IS NOT FROM THE UNIFIED SYMPOSIUM ORGANIZERS! Please note the lack of our Unified Symposium logo.

At first glance it appears that you are just signing to verify that your data is correct for an Exhibitor Fair Guide. However, in the fine print near the signature line you are agreeing to pay this company in Col. Chapultec Morales, Mexico, $1,676 per year for three years to be listed on their Internet Fair Guide, which in fact they will do. The form references that a signature confirms a binding contact.

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