From Sideways to Today: Trace Merlot’s Journey in an Unmissable Winemaking Session

  • January 22 2024
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If you remember anything about the 2004 Oscar-winning film Sideways, it’s likely its expletive takedown of Merlots. The varietal paradoxically enjoyed immense popularity thanks to the mention by the popular movie. Merlot has weathered ups–and–downs ever since, but many contend that it is now poised for a rebirth.

Join Tuesday’s winemaking session, Merlot Renaissance: Celebrating Two Decades Beyond Sideways, to trace the varietal’s journey and understand why Merlot has never ceased to be a component of some of the world’s best wines. Partake in a wine tasting and hear our esteemed panel, including Sideways author Rex Pickett, speculate about where Merlot is headed next.

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