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The Changing Regulatory Landscape
Business/Operations Breakout Session

Regulatory changes for 2019 have already gone into law; regulations that we have grown to understand and manage are evolving in real time and the biggest disruptions to our long-term planning are on the horizon in 2022. Managing transportation has changed dramatically with the passage of ELD, or the electronic logging of truckers’ hours. Regulations managed by TTB are not static. Changes in tax policy are befuddling small business owners. H2A is a program being used by more businesses in California yet the implementation poses changing hurdles for those who adopt this labor solution.


Alternative Route to the Retail Market
Business & Operations Breakout Session

Private labeling and/or control label offerings is another route to market which differs from the traditional route (winery à distributorà retailer). This approach provides a supplier with another option to bring their product to market while conforming to their desired third-party logistics partners who handle all of the necessary Import & Domestic logistics from cellar to retailer while also orchestrating the state distribution platform based on the retailer requirements.


Outsourcing Success Stories: Leveraging Custom Crush and Processing Services for Growth and Profitability
Joint Business & Operations and Winemaking Breakout Session

Whether launching, expanding or repositioning a brand, the variety of custom services and outsourcing options available to the wine industry has never been greater. Our expert panel will share their experience in the worlds of custom winemaking, mobile bottling, sales and hospitality. Whether your company is small or large, nationally-distributed or hyper-local, we’ll show you how to avoid pitfalls and enhance quality while leveraging custom services to drive business success.

Alison Crowe, Plata Wine Partners, California

Ronald Du Preez, Sugarloaf Crush, California
Marty Peterson, Vintage Wine Estates, California
Alison Smith, Smith Story Wine Cellars, California
John Trinidad, DPF Law, California


The Cost of Technology Adoption in the Vineyard: A Fiscal Discussion on Taking the Tech Leap
Grapegrowing and Business & Operations Breakout Session

Does investment in high-tech products like vineyard monitoring systems, aerial imagery, or costly database programs really return the ROI in both short-and long term? At what scale does it make most sense and what are the tipping points?

Technology is ever advancing for vineyards and wineries; adding to our efficiency and streamlining the wine industry. Yet this comes at a cost, and adoption can sometimes resemble a leap of faith. This session will discuss the cost of technology and when it makes fiscal sense to adopt new technology. Financial investors and growers will share their viewpoints, decisions processes, and experiences on their decision to adopt technology. What is an acceptable ROI for new technology, and when does it make sense to take that leap?

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