Grapegrowing Track - Session Detail


Vineyard Adaptation in a Changing Climate
Grapegrowing Breakout Session

Grapegrowers and policy makers need to begin adapting to the reality of our changing environment and implement new practices that meet the situation, rather than mitigate the effects of it. Will the wine grape varieties we enjoy farming (and drinking) today adapt to seasonal maturation irregularities? What practices have we now adopted based on historical pain points? Join our forum as we discuss and learn how to implement positive practices to ensure we’re securing a place in a growing market.

*Session receives 1.5 Hours of Certified Crop Adviser CEU’s for Sustainability


Practical Concepts of Regenerative Agriculture
Grapegrowing Breakout Session

Regenerative Agriculture has recently become the buzz word synonymous with responsible farming practices, and ranges in practice from soil conservation to whole ecological systems improvement.  The measurement of regenerative agricultural practices also ranges a wide base, from practical concepts with well-defined metrics to less tangible aspects.  

This session will focus on the practical concepts of regenerative agriculture in lieu of carbon sequestration and reducing nitrous oxide emissions.  The concept of practical regenerative agriculture for vineyards will be presented with a deeper dive into vineyard cultural practices presented by growers.

*Session receives 1.5 Hours of Certified Crop Adviser CEU’s for Soil


Varietal Diversity in the Golden State: Exploring Viable Climate and Marketplace Alternatives (includes tasting)
Joint Grapegrowing and Winemaking Breakout Session

This panel of experts will review three new and potentially suitable wine varieties for California, from the lens of the grower, the winemaker and the marketer. Can varieties like Chenin Blanc, Albariño and Grenache add a new layer of commercial success to the big four? We’ll explore this question and more with an eye to grower risk-management, stylistic range and marketplace flex power in this dynamic tasting session.


Doing More with Less: Slowing the Spread of Vine Mealy Bug
Grapegrowing Breakout Session

Growers are facing tightening restrictions and have less tools in their toolboxes to fight increasing pressure from pests and disease.  Vine Mealy Bug is a vector of Leaf Roll and continues to gain ground so what are growers to do?  Listen in to find out what our area experts are doing.


Más calor y menos agua: estrategias para viñedos impactados por el cambio climático
Sesión de viticultura en español

(Presentada en español)

Esta sesión se basa en asistir a una sesión de enología o viticultura en español (10:45 am-12:00 pm) y la Sesión General en español. Debe asistir a dos sesiones para recibir un certificado. Se enviará un certificado de asistencia después de la conferencia.

Los viticultores se enfrentan a nuevos desafíos frente al cambio climático y la escasez de agua, y necesitan adaptarse a nuevos escenarios para mantener la producción y la calidad de la fruta. En esta sesión, discutiremos algunas prácticas e ideas que pueden ayudar a mitigar los impactos del calentamiento global a través de la reducción del uso de agua, secuestro de carbono y mejoras en la salud del suelo y la posible reducción de la contaminación por humo.

*La sesión recibe 1 hora de Asesora de cultivos certificada CEU en manejo de suelos


More Heat and Less Water: Strategies for Climate Change Impacted Vineyards
Grapegrowing Session in Spanish

(Presented in Spanish)

This session is based on attending an enology or viticulture session in Spanish (10:45 am-noon) and the General Session in Spanish. You must attend two sessions to receive a certificate. A certificate of attendance will be sent after the conference.

As the climate changes and water becomes scarcer, grape-growers are faced with new challenges and need to adapt to sustain fruit production and quality.  In this session, we will discuss some practices and new ideas that may help mitigate the impacts of global warming through the reduction of water use, soil carbon sequestration and soil health improvements and the potential reduction of smoke taint.

*Session receives 1 Hour of Certified Crop Adviser CEU’s for Soil Management


Managing Wildfire Smoke Risks in the Vineyard
Joint Grapegrowing & Business/Operations Breakout Session

Growers remain highly vulnerable to economic losses due to wildfire smoke events, but researchers are actively working to understand how and when quality losses occur in winegrapes and deliver practical solutions to prevent or mitigate smoke damage.

This session will explore the latest research findings on wildfire smoke and the best available tools to manage smoke related risks.

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