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Precision Management in Vineyards
Grapegrowing Breakout Session

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Regardless of the market situation we face, successful growers continually challenge conventional thinking, test new ideas and invest in innovation. Considering our ever-changing market, innovative growers are adopting precision agriculture to deal with the reduced availability of labor and increasing costs of inputs on top of drops in grape prices.

Each of our panelists will share their stories of three technology moves that could be game changers. If you are contemplating an investment in a significant technological innovation for your vineyard operations, then you will want to hear from these professionals that are using technology to guide their organizations’ decision-making.

This Session is designed to address how innovative growers are adjusting to the reality of producing high quality fruit while reducing inputs through technology. Growers across regions, land, and price points will provide information on innovative growing techniques.


Labor Outlook for 2021 and Beyond
Grapegrowing Breakout Session

Regardless of which political party prevails in the 2020 elections, new leadership and policy priorities will assert themselves in Washington, DC and in state capitals throughout the country. What will these changes mean for immigration reform, labor availability and workforce management issues? This panel session will explore the likely policy changes in store for 2021 and what that means for the status of immigrant farmworkers and the H2A program.


Mantener la calidad de la fruta en tiempos difíciles – Una revisión de prácticas de cultivo basada en los últimos avances científicos y tecnológicos
Sesión de viticultura en español

(Presentada en español)

Esta sesión se basa en asistir a la sesión general y a una de las sesiones temáticas de enología o viticultura. Un certificado de asistencia estará disponible a pedido.

Ante la menor rentabilidad de los viñedos, los productores necesitan optimizar el destino de sus limitados recursos. En esta sesión, se revisarán conceptos asociados a la calidad de la fruta, se discutirá la mecanizacion de los cultivos y se abordarán prácticas innovativas de manejo de canopia con el objetivo de identificar áreas de reducción de costos sin comprometer la calidad de la uva.


Preserving Fruit Quality in Difficult Times – A Review of Winegrowing Practices Based on the Latest Knowledge and Technology
Grapegrowing Session in Spanish

(Presented in Spanish)

This session is based on attending the general session and one of the breakout sessions in enology or viticulture. A certificate of attendance will be available upon request.

Confronted with reduced returns, winegrape growers need to improve the allocation of limited resources. In this session, we will review concepts associated with fruit quality, discuss mechanized farming and address innovative practices of canopy management that will help to identify areas to reduce vineyard expenses while keeping grape quality.


Winegrape Production During A Global Pandemic
Grapegrowing Breakout Session

The New Normal with Vineyard Operations: labor shortages, global pandemics, and wildfires have changed how we operate in vineyards.

Growers will speak on how they adapted their vineyard operations and labor practices during 2020, and what aspects of these accommodations
and contingency planning they may keep in the future for greater operational efficiency.


The World is Changing but the Varietals We Grow Have Not. Are We Missing Out? (includes tasting)
Grapegrowing Breakout Session

Master the World, Inc.


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Winegrowers are continually challenged to adapt to a changing world, whether driven by climate change, consumer preferences, market conditions, labor availability or the regulatory environment. However, when it comes to what kinds of grapes are grown, many winemakers and growers resist changing varietals….except for our guest speakers!

Join us as we learn and taste commercially produced, pure varietal wines from Dr. Walker’s new Pierce’s Disease-resistant hybrid grapevines. Chuck Wagner (Caymus, Napa Valley) and Adam Tolmach (The Ojai Vineyard) will share their experience in growing and producing wines that could pave the way for our industry. While always striving to deliver better quality wine, investments into what is sustainable for your site needs continues to be a focus. This session will examine some of the varietal options available to winegrowers and the benefits of those varietals.

Attendees have the opportunity to purchase a tasting kit for $75 with six different wines in 187 mL bottles (a pour and a half).

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