Winemaking Track - Session Detail


Red Wine Color Demystified
Winemaking Breakout Session

This session is a primer on red and rose wine coloration, featuring presentations on sensory, wine production, aging and how to measure coloration.


Balancing Artistry and Automation in Challenging Times: The Role of Automation in Winemaking When the Cellar is Closed
Winemaking Breakout Session

This session will focus on the role of automation in the winery, starting from the perspective that it may not be possible to have a full cellar crew in the winery or to be able to access the winery at all, whether because of a pandemic or a natural disaster such as wildfire.

The speakers will discuss the tools available to supplement or replace human involvement in the winemaking process during these challenging situations. Beyond these urgent requirements, the speakers will address the processes in winemaking that lend themselves to automation without risk of reduction in wine quality and the parts of the process which might require human intervention. Finally, there will be a discussion of the skill sets that would be required to be successful in a more fully automated wine industry.


Expressions of Pinot noir: Adapting to Vineyard Site Differences
Winemaking Breakout Session

What impact does vineyard location have on Pinot noir grape and wine composition? How will those impacts be shifted by a changing climate? This session will describe the findings of a five-year winemaking study of site impact using Pinot noir (clone 667) planted on three rootstocks. A replicated winemaking study that included formal sensory analysis showed that site and vintage significantly impacted wine color, aroma and varietal expression. Three winemakers will discuss the presented research and describe their own experiences with two of the vineyards included in the study.


Nuevas estrategias de procesamiento para los desafíos enológicos de mañana
Sesión de enología en español

(Presentada en español)

Esta sesión se basa en asistir a la sesión general y a una de las sesiones temáticas de enología o viticultura. Un certificado de asistencia estará disponible a pedido.

Reducir los costes de producción sin comprometer la calidad es el equilibrio que deben hacer los enólogos. Una recesión económica y los efectos de trabajar durante una pandemia, aumentarán aún más la presión. En una industria con una larga tradición, pensar creativamente no siempre es fácil, pero puede ser la clave para tener éxito en 2021.

Un panel de enólogos compartirá algunas de las últimas optimizaciones, eficiencias y efectos en la vinificación derivados de la automatización en los viñedos.  Así como una visión más amplia de nuevos estilos de vino de nuevas variedades, los desafíos que comporta y cómo lograr la aceptación del consumidor.


New Processing Strategies for Tomorrow’s Winemaking Challenges
Winemaking Session in Spanish

(Presented in Spanish)

This session is based on attending the general session and one of the breakout sessions in enology or viticulture. A certificate of attendance will be available upon request.

Lowering production costs without compromising quality is a winemaker’s balancing act.  An economic downturn and the effects of working during a pandemic will only add pressure. In an industry with a long tradition, thinking outside of the box is not always easy, yet it may be the key to succeeding in 2021.

A panel of winemakers will share some of the latest winery optimizations, efficiencies, and the effects on winemaking derived from vineyard automation. And broader thinking, including new takes on new varietals, challenges, and how to get consumer acceptance.


Resiliency 2020: Learnings from the Dual Influences of COVID & Fire
Winemaking Breakout Session

Winemaking in 2020 will go down as one of the most difficult vintages in recent memory. Between the arrival of COVID and the fires/smoke incidents that much of the West Coast of America experienced, vintners were required to devise contingency plans for which there had never been a precedent.

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