Winemaking Track - Session Detail


Managing Tannins and Astringency in Red Wine Production (includes tasting)
Winemaking Breakout Session

This session will provide the audience a primer and update regarding the extraction of tannins during winemaking. We also have a winemaking panel to provide their practical approach to their red winemaking, from ripening to the outcomes. We will conclude the session with practical advice about how to manage phenolics in these changing times.


Clearing the Smoke – Best Practices for Harvest, Evaluation, and Mitigation of Smoke Impact on Your Wines
Winemaking Breakout Session

As fires become a steadier problem in our future, it’s important for our industry to align on best practices evaluation and mitigation in the vineyard and winery.

This session should be an informative look into how to best preform sensory evaluation on micro-fermentations, demystification of all the analysis, as well as ideas on mitigation and harvest/fermentation practices.


Varietal Diversity in the Golden State: Exploring Viable Climate and Marketplace Alternatives (includes tasting)
Joint Grapegrowing and Winemaking Breakout Session

This panel of experts will review three new and potentially suitable wine varieties for California, from the lens of the grower, the winemaker and the marketer. Can varieties like Chenin Blanc, Albariño and Grenache add a new layer of commercial success to the big four? We’ll explore this question and more with an eye to grower risk-management, stylistic range and marketplace flex power in this dynamic tasting session.


Liquid Gold: Conserving Water In The Winery
Winemaking Breakout Session

Conserving water in winery operations is becoming an increasingly crucial endeavor as our industry looks to face future challenges. Our panel will explore the big picture of regulation, technologies to help conserve, strategies for changing behavior in the cellar, and the true cost of water while also sharing real-world techniques and systems implemented to reduce water use in the winery and conserve a precious natural resource.


Nuevos vinos y productos del vino; y empaquetado alternativo (incluye degustación de vinos)
Sesión de enología en español

(Presentada en español)

Esta sesión se basa en asistir a una sesión de enología o viticultura en español (10:45 am-12:00 pm) y la Sesión General en español. Debe asistir a dos sesiones para recibir un certificado. Se enviará un certificado de asistencia después de la conferencia.

La industria del vino esta experimentando un cambio en las preferencias del consumidor por vinos y productos derivados del vino que sean organicos, limpios, sostenibles y faciles de beber. Con un empaquetado en contenedores alternativos que son mas amables con el medio ambiente, estamos viendo un crecimiento en la opciones de envasado de estos nuevos vinos, con inclusion de ingredientes en la etiqueta y produccion de nuevos productos. Nuestros expertos explicaran durante esta sesion los procesos enologicos de produccion de estos nuevos vinos y productos derivados asi como las opciones mas sostenibles para su envasado. 


New Wine Products & Alternative Packaging (includes wine tasting)
Winemaking Session in Spanish

(Presented in Spanish)

This session is based on attending an enology or viticulture session in Spanish (10:45 am-noon) and the General Session in Spanish. You must attend two sessions to receive a certificate. A certificate of attendance
will be sent after the conference.

The wine industry is experiencing a shift in consumer preference towards organic, clean/zero waste, sustainable and easy to drink wines and its products. With the packaging in alternative containers that are more environmentally friendly we are seeing an increase in new wine packaging options, ingredients labeling and new wine products. Our speakers will explain in this session the winemaking behind these new wines and wine products; and its alternative and more sustainable packaging options.

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